Normal Day Schedule

6:30 A.M.    Kids Club open

8:00 A.M.    School office opens

8:35 A.M.    Teachers on duty

8:35 A.M.    Breakfast program begins

8:35 A.M    Safety Patrol on duty      

8:50 A.M.    Students may go to class

8:50 A.M.    Tardy bell; Classes begin; Safety Patrol off duty

11:45 A.M.   A.M. PreK classes end

1:05 P.M.     P.M. PreK classes begin

3:55 P.M.     P.M. PreK classes end

4:05 P.M.     Dismissal bell; Safety Patrol on duty

4:15 P.M.      Safety Patrol off duty

4:25 P.M.      Teachers off duty

4:30 P.M.      School office closes

6:00 P.M.      Kids Club closes

10:00 P.M. - 6:00 A.M. School Grounds are Closed

Students should not arrive to school before 8:35 a.m. All kindergarten through 6th grade students who attend Columbian have the option of eating a complimentary breakfast at school. Students who do not eat breakfast at school should arrive at school before 8:50. All students will enter through the main front door of the building. All other doors will remain locked at all times.