Fourth Grade

Mrs. Tarver and Mrs. Himmelberg are the fourth grade teachers. They team-teach to better meet the needs of fourth graders while striving to meet all content standards. All subjects receive a number and effort grade, which is a change from third grade. In reading and language arts, fourth graders are focusing on narrative writing and comprehending beyond the knowledge level to the synthesis and evaluation level. The focus in math is to take the basic facts to the next step with double and triple digit multiplication and division and applying facts to real-life situations. In science, fourth graders are examining through scientific inquiry using earth materials, electricity, and living things in their environments. Social studies is spent studying Nebraska along with understanding text structure using their books. Note taking and study skills are very important in all subjects. Fourth grade students are moving towards accepting responsibility and becoming independent. Natural consequences help them learn important school and life skills. Mrs. Tarver and Mrs. Himmelberg would be happy to assist with any questions or concerns through email, or they may be reached at school.