Word Work

Word Work:

Word Work in Room 4 consists of Spelling Pattern List (phonics) and ,Core Words(writing), and Vocabulary

Spelling Pattern Test is given on Friday

Vocabulary Test is given on Friday

The Sitton Philosophy:

Your child is learning to spell and proofread.  These two skills go hand in hand.  Learning to spell is the first step, but a word is not considered mastered unless your child can spell the word correctly in writing.  The second step - proofreading - is the real test of spelling ability.  You see, in the "real world," spelling is judged by how words are spelled in writing.  For this reason, it's important that your child understands that spelling words correctly in writing is a habit needed for a lifetime.


Some of the writing your child does at school is revised until there are no more errors.  This is a strenuous task, so not all of your child's writing goes through this revision process.  However, to become a good writer and speller, your child needs to write daily.  In this everyday writing, approximations of spellings are accepted for a few words.  Then, as your child's writing develops over time, these approximated spellings are no longer acceptable.


The words your child is expected to spell correctly all the time are called Priority Words.  Sometimes they're referred to as "no excuse" words - there is no excuse for misspelling them!  Your child has a list of Priority Words, and time is provided to proofread for them.


In addition your child will be introduced to Core Words each week that will be added to the "no excuse" list.  Please find these under the correct tab above.

September 3rd-6th

conquer, resistance, assembly, plenty, dismiss, squirmed, patchwork, autographed, ponder, anticipation

September 9th-13th

proper, boarding, chores, certain, resources, culture, tutor, uniforms, literacy, diverse

September 16th-19th

persevere, confidence, talented, apply, research, invention, hinder, disappointed, ambitious, attain

September 23rd-27th

viewers, survive, camouflage, concealed, independent, donated, media, feature, image, popular



September 3rd-6th

Root Word + ending -ed, -ing

saved, moved, riding, waking, pulled, taking, hopped, baking, picked, having, letting, running, drawing, folded, shopped, freezing, equipped, dancing, happening, quitting

September 9th-13th

Long Vowel Digraphs: ee, ea, ai, ay, oa, and ow

September 16th-19th

Plurals: -s, and -es

September 24th-27th

Review: Lessons 1-4





September 3rd - 6th

below, saw, something, thought, both

September 9th - 13th

few, those, always, show, large

September 16th - 19th

often, together, asked, house, don't

September 23rd - 27th

world, going, want, school, important

September 30th - October 4th

until, form, food, keep, children