Columbian offers an ECSE pre-kindergarten class taught by Ms. Gibson. The curriculum for the Early Childhood Special Education program is designed to establish for each child the basic skills and concepts that will prepare them for success in school and life. Life skills emphasized include using language to express oneself, making choices, exhibiting good manners, cooperating with others, and independently completing tasks.

Class activities and group routines are designed to assist in each child's development of appropriate language, social, self-help, fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills. The consistent group routines encourage active participation and gives children a sense of control and self confidence. They learn to anticipate what happens next, when it will be their turn, and what adults expect of them.

Preschool-aged children are beginning to appreciate, understand, and make decisions about themselves and the people in their world. By making group routines consistent and active while supporting children's choices and decisions throughout the school day, we are enabling them to participate fully in the community and preparing them for the future.