First Grade

Each day in the first grade classrooms there is instruction in reading, writing, mathmatics as well as some music, art, and physical activity. There are several presentations during the year concerning personal safety. Dental health and fire safety are also units of study. Classroom computers are used by students for drill and practice on basic skills and beginning writing. Students use AppleWorks for word processing and create multimedia projects using both Canvastic and Kidspiration. Health and safety are stressed throughout the year.

The "Star of the Week" program recognizes the individuality of each student. The star has a bulletin board with special photos, mementos, or memorabilia devoted to that student. The star student completes and shares a booklet about individual likes, dislikes, and special abilities. The star's family is invited to honor the student by sharing a story and/or information about the star.

First grade students enjoy a fun and stimulating year at Columbian.