Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Kelly are the kindergarten teachers at Columbian. The program emphasizes a child oriented approach to education that is based on the needs of young children and guided by the Omaha Public School's philosophy of how kindergarten should function. At Columbian, each child is an individual with unique learning styles and potential. Our staff works to nuture and affirm each child's talents and abilities.

Kindergarten learning experiences include:

• recognizing, writing, and learning sounds of upper and lower case letters of the alphabet,
• recognizing, writing, and counting numbers 1 - 30,
• calendar study of the months, days of the week, holidays, and seasons,
• recognizing and writing student's first and last name,
• introduction to basic computer skills,
• science observations,
• arts and crafts, and
• music and library.

Parents are encouraged to assist in the classroom and in the learning process of the kindergarten child.

Kindergarten is a fun and exciting time for both parents and children.