Hello and WELCOME to Columbian Elementary!!  We're happy you're here.  

I'm the guidance teacher at Columbian Elementary.  My mission here is to support academic success and preparation for post-secondary opportunities for all students.  

I consider it a profound honor and privilege to have the chance to help your child succeed in school!! 


The Pre-K -12 Guidance and Counseling Program

The Omaha Public Schools have a Pre-K-12 comprehensive, competency-based guidance and counseling program.  This program is both proactive and responsive to the unique needs of individual students.  There are four components of the program:

*A Guidance Curriculum that is delivered to ALL students and emphasizes personal, occupational, and academic skill-building through classroom presentations.

*Individual Student Planning that developmentally helps students plan for their future, set career goals, manage conflict, prepare for learning beyond high school, strengthen academic skills, and more. 

* Response Services that provide support for issues of immediate concern to the students and their families. 

*System Support that recognizes the school counselor as part of the school team and supports the other three components. 

The mission of the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program is to ensure student success through the combined efforts of students, staff, families, and community. 


The Omaha Public Schools offer free counseling services to their families and staff.  There are several different locations throughout the Omaha metro area.   Listed on the link below are the counselors, their locations, and their contact information.   Please feel free to contact Ms. McGuire if you have any questions.  697-1433 ext. 1003

Community Counselor Program


The Omaha Public Schools offer a program that provides help to families.  Click on the link below for more information.  

School and Family Enrichment Program (SAFE)


Emergency Phone Numbers
Girls & Boys Town National Hotline 572-2229
Adult & Child Protective Services   1-800-652-1999
Health Touch 1    1-800-273-3737
Nebraska State Patrol  331-3333  Road Emergency 1-800-525-5555
Poison Control Center  955-5555/1-800-955-9119
YES Youth Emergency Services  342-8002 & 734-1800
Shelters (Housing)  422-4131   (Domestic Violence) 558-570
Abuse and Neglect
Children's Crisis Center  553-6000
Child Saving Institute   553-6000
A A Information   556-1880
Al-Anon/Alateen Info    553-5033
Omaha Campus for Hope 827-0570
Gambling   291-0980
Chicano Awareness 733-2720
Charles Drew Health Center   451-3553
Eating Disorders   333-0898 or 955-6190
Health and Human Services 595-3400
Indian/Chicano Health Center 734-4110
Nebraska Aids Project 552-9255
Mental Health/Counseling
Alegent Center for Mental Health 572-2993
Catholic Charities 554-0520
Family Service  553-3000
Jewish Family Services 330-2024
Lutheran Family Services 342-7007
North Clinic - GOCA 451-2935
Omaha Public Schools Info Center 557-2000
Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) 291-6781
Social Settlement 731-6988

Agencies listed were selected from R.A.F.T.  These services should not be considered as endorsements by O.P.S.  Some agencies charge a fee.  In such cases it is the responsibility of the parent to assume any financial requirements.